Most Repair Services: $79 1st Computer & $40 Per Additional Computer

Is your computer acting sluggish, unable to load programs or the internet? A slow or error filled computer can be a nightmare and can cause a waste in time, money and more. We have come to expect our computers to be fast, smooth and easy to use. Having to wait a long time to access your operating system, certain software or the internet is just not acceptable anymore. ​

Sometimes your computer is working, but it’s not working as well as you remember. Overall nothing major seems to be wrong, but you notice it takes longer than normal to open your email or programs. Usually this kind of issue can be resolved with our system optimization and clean-up service. What you get after is your computer running cleaner and faster. Every now and then your computer needs a little TLC.

We have many customers who use us for regular maintenance on their computers. Over time most users accumulate many different programs, and sometimes those programs don’t uninstall correctly, or leave unwanted processes running in the background which slow down other programs. Along with making sure your computer is running it’s best by taking care of those issues, we also test your hardware to determine if there are any critical problems with your system. Many times we are able to find if your hard drive is failing before it crashes, meaning we can retrieve your data before it becomes a serious computer repair issue.

Technology companies are always coming out with new patches and updates for software, hardware and operating systems. This is due to constant reliability, protection & other software code bugs that come up during normal use. Operating systems, hardware drivers & other software need to be updated as soon as these updates are available. This ensures for a stable, fast and smooth running operating system.

Our technicians start all maintenance by thoroughly detecting and removing all security threats. After detecting and removing the security threats. We will optimize your system’s registry by removing registry junk and compacting registry bloat, these will help improve system performance greatly. Our technicians will erase all your surfing traces to keep your computer clean and safe. We will clean up the junk files and other unused/unneeded software to recover more space. Our technicians will test your internet speed and make sure that you are getting the speed, you are paying for. If not, we will try to detect the problem and fix it, if possible.

We will fine tune your computer to ensure fully optimized system performance and accelerate Internet speed. Our technicians will analyze and fix disk errors to keep your system stable and efficient. We will scan for vulnerabilities in your computer, download hot-patches directly from the Microsoft server and will install them. We will also optimize the disk partitions of hard drive to resolve system shutdown, crashes, slow startup & system failures.

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