Most Repair Services: $79 1st Computer & $40 Per Additional Computer

Are you thinking of purchasing a new computer, but USB plugs and CAT5e cables are like a foreign language to you? Are you unsure of what to install when it comes to that software package that you need? Why get frustrated making this stressful transition when Indianapolis Computer Services experts can do it for you? Wherever you buy the computer, we can help you get it set up the way you want it in no time—all in the convenience of your own home! 

Need help setting up and installing your new desktops, laptops, internet, networking or printers into your home or office? We are here for you, offering professional computer & other device installation services for less. Setting up your computer correctly is very important. When installation & setup is done incorrectly it can lead to many problems from having software and hardware errors to having internet protection problems, such as viruses.

Indianapolis Computer Services will setup your computer so that when you use it for the first time, its ready to go. Our multistage process will make sure that your computer is connected to all devices, protected and ready for internet use. We will make sure all of your operating system software and hardware drivers are up to date and error-free. Our computer setup services include many steps to get your computer up and running before we leave your location. We will physically setup and connect your desktop or laptop. Configure your desktop or laptop to connect to your existing wired or wireless internet connection. We will configure your desktop or laptop to access existing email accounts. We will connect and configure your peripheral devices (printer, scanner, external hard drive, etc.) Finally we will install all needed software and updates.​​

If you are in need of a new network for your home or business, Indianapolis Computer Services can help you set it up. We can setup your local area network with a server and help you get decent internet speeds. We work in a variety of environments, from small home offices to personal computers to large businesses. We can help you maintain your hardware and software to make sure you have reliable high speed internet. Indianapolis Computer Services can talk to you about your needs to make sure you get what matches you best. We can also help you plan and coordinate your network setup so you have good routers and wiring so network connections are reliable. Our network setup & installation process ensures that when you use your equipment for the first time it is ready and protected. 

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