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Viruses are programs, just like anything else running on your computer, except they’re designed to perform malicious tasks, and replicate themselves in some way to spread across the internet. You might get pop-ups, fake virus scans showing infections, or notice your web search redirecting to odd websites. These are all obvious signs of a virus, however there are also not so common signs, if any at all. Some viruses hide dormant on your system, checking a server on the internet periodically waiting for a command to attack. Some may alter your system to hide all your files and make you think you have lost all your data. Others have no effect on your computer, but send spam email out using your email account to all your contacts. In most cases these days, these virus programs come with pop-ups and advertisements trying to get you to purchase the software required to remove it. 

Don’t be fooled: giving your credit card information to these fake virus programs is a sure way to enter yourself into identity theft, with fraudulent purchases soon to follow. We don’t want to scare you, but no antivirus program is 100% secure. The reason is due to the operating system, which in almost all cases is built to allow users to install programs. So if a user tries to install a virus program, the operating system allows this because it sees a valid program, and just like that you have a virus infecting your computer. Antivirus programs are great and necessary, but they only protect your computer against virus signatures they recognize. And since there are criminals working all the time on new viruses, those antivirus programs need to be kept up to date all the time. If you lapse in updates, or receive a zero-day virus (meaning, a virus which was released within 24 hours – before antivirus companies have a chance to find a way to combat the virus) you can be infected.

Our virus removal process starts by diagnosing your computer and finding all the harmful software installed on it, even the hidden ones. After we have found all the viruses and other infectious malware, we remove them and try to recover your operating system and other software that could have been harmed. After all the viruses & malware have been removed from your system, we will conduct a 12 stage computer tuneup. This helps speed up your computer and fix any unknown errors.

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